Council doesn’t appear to be following the rules

I am curious as to how Mike White and Robert Carroll will be chairman and vice chairman for the incoming Maui County Council. Did the rules change?

“Section 3-5. Procedure; Meetings; Rules and Journal; Voting.

“1. The council shall meet in the council room at the county building for its organization at two o’clock p.m. on the second day of January following its election, or on the following Monday if the second day be a Saturday or Sunday, at which time it shall elect one of its members as chair and presiding officer of the council. Until such time as the chair shall be elected, the mayor shall preside at such meeting, provided that the mayor shall not have a vote. The council shall also elect a vice-chair who shall act as the presiding officer in the event of the chair’s absence or disability. The council shall appoint a presiding officer pro tempore from its own members in the event of the absence or disability of both the chair and vice-chair.”

Can the public have an explanation as to why the rules are not being followed?

Lorraine Zane