Highway bypass plan could be improved

Am I reading this correctly (The Maui News, Nov. 4)? When the bypass is done from Hokiokio to Cut Mountain, there will be two ways to leave Lahaina but only one way in. Just as many people come to Lahaina then leave Lahaina. So what did this accomplish? Get out but don’t come back.

Now, if we have enough room for four lanes and a 150-foot-wide path, there is enough to build it at four lanes. Two in and two out. Or at least three, two in and one out. This way there would be two both ways. Bypass and Highway 30.

Now, the problem with the fishing and people going to the refuse and recycling center will not be helped by this as they will have to use the bypass to get back to Lahaina. They can get to the places but have to drive toward Wailuku to get to the bypass entrance to come back north.

Kewae Street will be a mess if most of the traffic will have to use it to get to north Lahaina. You will need a double turn back to Highway 30 or a much longer light.

Only people that may not be coming from Wailuku would be people that use West Maui/Kapalua Airport and that is about 100 a day, less then 1 percent of the people that come to Maui daily, so whoever comes to Lahaina will have one lane on the bypass to get here. Good luck if there is an accident.

Steven B. Ashfield