Hospital transfer stalled by union

Everything on Maui is bypassed. One bypass needed from Maalaea to Lahaina has been bypassed for years.

Talk about unifying Maui Memorial Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente is being bypassed or being stalled. Stalling, for in a few more months, contracts for union members expire. With this in mind, the union has the upper hand to ask for more money and yet employees get laid off. Union reps still get paid. Union dues go up to compensate for loss of members.

MMMC and Kaiser should put the union in a room and lock the doors. Negotiate the joining and partnership first. Patients suffer to see what is what.

Patients also suffer when monthly premiums go up. It’s not the fault of Obamacare, but those conservatives in both Democratic and Republican parties. Yes, there are conservatives in the Democratic Party, Democrats in name only.

Health cost going up? CEO wants more money. Board members or stock holders want more money? Lay off the top management before laying off employees.

When an agreement is settled, then bring in the union. The union should have no say since they do not pay members their wages. Patients do.

There is no retirement if one employee gets laid off.

Michael Matoi