Is Clinton qualified for security clearance?

During my 46 plus years employed in the high-tech arena, I was required to have security clearances that ranged from confidential to top secret, including special access clearances. If I had handled classified information in such an extremely careless manner, such as Hillary Clinton was described as doing by the FBI, then I am certain I would have lost my clearance and would have been unable to retain my job position. In fact, I can think of two fellow employees who were denied security clearances because of concerns regarding their ability to handle classified information and were eventually dismissed from employment. It had nothing to do with any illegalities but only the opinion that security could be compromised by these individuals.

I wonder then if Hillary Clinton should win the presidential election would she be capable of passing the scrutiny required to obtain a security clearance again. It would seem that the president of the United States requires a security clearance of the highest level in order to effectively lead the nation and be the commander in chief. Is she qualified to obtain one? Just wondering.

Russ Taft