Kelly King hides her real colors from voters

Kelly King is clever to disguise who she really is to her blind followers. But the rest of us see right through her charade.

Her campaign staff submitted slanderous ethics claims against the integral Don Couch just weeks before the election. Knowing they were completely false, Don stayed positive and never stooped to her level. He showed leadership in the way he handled himself and the situation.

Showing further contempt, Mrs. King is currently building a mansion in Kula while she is running for the South Maui seat. Permit numbers are B T20160808, B T20160809, B T20160810. There is really no other explanation than arrogance for a candidate to be building a huge ranch Upcountry while saying she intends to represent Kihei. This is public record. Showing further integrity, Don Couch has never brought it up as a campaign issue.

Most of Maui sees her real colors and we are ashamed. Don Couch has the leadership Maui needs moving forward. We will be voting for him!

Cathy Simmons