Lahaina-bound traffic not improved with plan

If your Nov. 4 article and the Nov. 7 letter to the editor is correct that the current Highway 30 shoreline road will be closed to northbound traffic where the next phase of the bypass ends, why have the bypass at all? We gain nothing at all. Unless the bypass road is four lanes (which it’s not), we will still only have a one-lane road going into Lahaina.

We will have two options leaving Lahaina to the pali — the bypass and the current shoreline road Highway 30. That’s a benefit. But going the other way toward Lahaina, if you only have one road into town, the current gridlock will still exist.

Please rethink this. Keep both the shoreline road open as two lanes and add the two-lane bypass. Then we have a benefit. Otherwise it’s a dismal waste.

Stephen L. Potter