Learn from business to make government work

A political outsider, I’m hoping to achieve the same kind of stunning upset President-elect Donald Trump made happen. Like him, I have never held elected office. In two years, I will again run for mayor and hope to win.

Like or hate Trump, you can’t argue with his success in business. We all hope he can use that experience to lead our country to a brighter future.

A former successful Silicon Valley executive, I got 697 votes for mayor in 2014. I’d like to use my 30 years of experience in business to make our county government run more like a business. At the same time, I hope to help create the ideal society of the future, or Mauitopia (see www.mauitopia.org).

In business, we use results to make improvements. When you call or write the county, do you know the amount of time it will take to get the information or decision you want? Whether you call 911 or submit drawings to the planning commission, do you know how long it will take to get a response?

By learning from business, we can make our government work ‘mo ‘bettah. We can make Maui truly no ka oi!

Ori Kopelman