Obama is leaving a mess for Trump

Because of President Barack Obama, Donald Trump will inherit a broken Middle East, a gutted military, a ruined health care system, $20 trillion of debt, a no-growth economy and more.

He will also govern over a country that in eight years has gone back 50 years in its divisiveness of race, gender and class. For leftism and Mr. Obama, race, gender, class, along with social justice are uber alles (everything).

For me, Mr. Trump’s victory is a repudiation of the following. A media that is nothing more than an arm of the Democratic Party and leftism, of special interests and big money, of busing people to polls and telling them how to vote. A repudiation of the left’s hatred for middle America, but mostly, just about everything that Mr. Obama has done as president.

I’ve spent the last year reading the harsh words and thoughts about Mr. Trump online and in newspapers. The same words would have been written for any other Republican candidate.

Why the harsh words? Because everything the writers know comes from watching MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS, or reading similarly biased American newspapers.

Had they done some studying, they would have hopefully realize that leftism has taken over their Democratic Party. Then maybe they would have thought differently.

The reality is most of you would have gone even deeper into the abyss and would have given the country to a socialist named Bernie Sanders.

Although my 17th choice, I say give Mr. Trump a chance.

Bill Botts