Outcome of farcical election not accepted

After the last week’s election fiasco I’ve somewhat recovered and spent many hours reflecting on how and why this happened. Then I hear about the white man’s burden (loosely translated), which evidently is a thing now, but try as I might I can’t muster any understanding for this group who chose to behave in their rallies for Donald Trump like deranged Third Reich cheerleaders chanting vulgar, repulsive and hateful rhetoric in support of their supreme leader whilst he egged them on.

Those people deserve nothing, as their actions during this campaign removed any possibility for me to even try and validate their concerns. Had they nominated an individual with even one ounce of decency and opted to play fair and up and out of the mud, their platform might have been acknowledged and sympathized with and the outcome accepted. But that did not happen.

So, no, I can’t and I won’t accept the results of this farce of an election and will never, ever consider that orange-skinned Kardashian with bad hair as my president.

Lonelle Newman