Shock, grief over election widespread

So many of us are still in shock and grieving what has just happened in our country, called the land of the free. This country will never be the same, in many of our eyes, and, too, in the eyes of the rest of the world.

It’s too beyond the beyond to grasp what millions of my fellow countrymen and women have just done. That’s one way I’m grieving. Our collective grieving is showing up as binge eating, attraction to candy, movies and entertainment, alcohol or whatever we do to manage, numb, avoid and work with grieving.

I’m thinking about Muslims, people of color, the LGBT communities, immigrants, poor people and basically anyone that isn’t an evangelical Christian.

I’m thinking about all the people that think that business as usual isn’t really working and is destroying the planet.

I’m thinking about the messages we just gave to our children, our grandchildren and future generations.

Business as usual, and the many ways we may all have ADD and the marketing of healing the wounds and unifying the nation, many will simply try going back to normal life. Back to what’s next and what time is my favorite show on?

But many will never be the same and may never see our own country in the same way even after we, as a country, find our way back to sanity and the importance of values, the recognition that everyone is important and the importance of caring for the Earth.

Bodhi Be