Status quo must go with this election

Somebody is nicking Nick’s campaign signs. Why do that? He’s a nice man so it can’t be enemies. Can’t pawn signs so it’s not for money. I think it’s because he represents change on Maui, a change in the status quo. As do the ‘Ohana candidates. Aren’t you tired of high grocery bills, $350,000 “affordable housing,” highest gas prices in Hawaii, losing your good doctor because they can’t afford to live here, having schools, homes and hospitals smothered in pesticide drift, importing 90 plus percent of your food, having an entity hold most of the water when long-established law says they can’t? The status quo must go.

How about that economist telling us we don’t need to grow our own food when we can get it from the Mainland (at a price). He’s young enough not to know about WWII when we couldn’t get it shipped here. Not now, you say? How about the North Koreans and their ICBMs? He says tax dollars shouldn’t go to “high-risk agricultural ventures.” The people he’s talking about have been doing it for years, as did Native Hawaiians before “civilization” arrived. Those tax dollars could enable agriculture to obtain more land and produce more food. The Department of Agriculture has no statistics because it doesn’t have the budget to study local output. It’s much easier for the economist to see production data from corporate farming and say it’s the way to go.


Dennis Lokmer