Trump’s capacity for thought has not increased

Trump likes to say that he graduated from Wharton, but his first two college years were spent at Fordham University. I was a senior when he arrived as a freshman, if memory serves me correctly. He was thin, tall and quite handsome in 1964.

I notice that his “250-word” vocabulary has not changed much since. His capacity for thought and self-reflection has not increased.

His young boy coarseness has not been refined. He was spoiled then and has remained a fool.

Despite his advantages, his education, the tutelage of an unscrupulous sire, he has managed to invest often in places being evacuated by smart money. He bought into Atlantic City when smart money was happy to sell or depart. He continues to invest in golf courses while income from this activity continues to diminish. The cost to play is often prohibitive; there are no charismatic stars as Tiger Woods; and, at least, one generation could not care less about this fake sport. Many young people condemn the industry for its use of toxic chemicals and waste of water.

Trump claims to own great hotels, but many of them merely license his name. He claims to have great products, but they have been dismal failures.

With a slight alteration of a Latin saying, one gets the idea of a Trump presence. “If you befriend an idiot, he will soon show you his backside.”

Raphael O’Suna