Traffic signal camera idea deserves some attention

A July 20 letter to the editor was advocating traffic signal cameras to prevent “red light runners.” The idea deserves some attention, especially after almost getting T-boned by a delivery truck one recent morning.

One aspect to the proposed cameras is that a citation can only be given to the vehicle as the driver’s identity is not known with cameras. But that’s not a bad situation. Apply the citation to the vehicle and stop future vehicle safety checks and vehicle license renewals on that vehicle until the citation has been cleared. Let the vehicle owner be responsible for the driver’s actions.

While we are looking at traffic signal violations, also see if you can find anybody that stops at a stop sign. I think all of the stop signs on Maui have been converted to yield signs. Also, the 45 mph speed limit on the Mokulele Highway deserves some cameras. What’s the rush? We’re on an island! Is 65 the new 45? Must be a metric thing! The difference between 45 mph and 65 mph on the Mokulele is two minutes. Wow, that’s a huge time savings just to win a “got there first” award.

Let’s show the tourists that we are not California!

David A. Williams