Insurance industry takes too much from health care

There will never be universal health care here in America until we move to a tax-supported single-payer system with no co-pays. No one needs health insurance — most all of us will need health care.

The health insurance industry extracts far too much money from the health care dollar. Their only contribution is to function as bookies betting that it will take more money from their customers than they will ever pay out for their medical care. They use these profits to support their industry, execs, stockholders and even to buy health care for their employees.

What we need now is for government to establish Medicaid for all at actual cost. No tax money should go to the insurance companies. Taxes should be used for those who cannot afford actual cost.

We will hear loud cries that “the government can’t do anything right.” So, let’s let the public decide between a not-for-profit Medicaid program or their current policies.

Edward T. Hart