Maui Lani subdivision being taken advantage of

We have a very disturbing issue going on in one of the Maui Lani subdivisions. A few concerned homeowners in the subdivision have taken matters into their own hands and are attempting to hold the Maui Lani Community Association accountable.

There is much that deserves to be addressed with the MLCA’s dereliction of responsibilities. There is a lack of services that are received even though this community is paying the same assessments as other Maui Lani residents. Over the next 10 years, this one subdivision will pay over $1.7 million into the MLCA coffers. Will there be something to show for this or will they continue to be subsidizing the other neighborhoods and allowing the developer to get around not paying his share?

If the developer can get us to pay for those things it should be responsible for, it will. The MLCA is paying $60K of our dues per year to maintain Kuikahi, which is a county road. Why? To allow the developer to sell lots in the commercial town center. This doesn’t benefit any of the residents.

It is time people of this community speak up and call a spade a spade. How much longer can we be taken advantage of with no recourse?

Anne Halouska