We are at the crossroads to change toxic scenarios

Life would be different if we all lived next door to a garbage dump. Surely we’d throw away less garbage. So, too, if we all lived next door to homeless people, soon there wouldn’t be homeless people. How much different life would be if we all lived next door to a military base, a prison, to a neighborhood destroyed by bombs or too radioactive to grow food.

As it turns out, we all do live next door to all these and more. With a little imagination, you can look out your window and see it all from here. The world gets smaller every day. The whole world is the “village” in “it takes a village.”

When we collectively all together realize this is true, the world will change overnight. The artificial lines that maps call borders will not hinder good people everywhere from seizing the moment to change the toxic scenarios playing out while there is still time. We are at the crossroads.

Bodhi Be