Put overnight parking for homeless at police station

Letting the homeless use our parks at night is not a good idea. Who’s to say they’ll stay in their cars? We already have drug use, beatings and murders happening in our public parks after hours. This will only add to the troubles the local police have to deal with after hours at our parks. Why do you think all parks now have gates that lock closed?

I’m not being insensitive, I know the problem is real and those that have a car are the lucky ones. They have a place for their belongings, a safe place to sleep out of the weather, they just need a safe place for the evening.

How about letting them park overnight in the parking lots of our police stations? These lots are almost empty at night. Every community has a police station. Give them a couple portable toilets and the local police can keep a safe eye on them. They will feel safer too. This way the police don’t have to send extra officers out to monitor the parks.

Keep the parks clear at night. You locked out the people for a reason.

Libby Fulton



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