Trump is not quite sane for a number of reasons

Why doesn’t someone in the press corps ask the president when he will stop lying?

I know that licensed professionals in the mental health fraternity have agreed not to analyze a sitting president, but there is no law forbidding it. Trump is a classic case of someone not quite sane for a number of categorical reasons. Even a lay person recognizes his narcissism; his paranoia; his tenuous link with reality; his falsification of reality; his compulsive lying; his lack of impulse control; his use of exaggeration to defend against anxiety-producing emotions and impulses; his transparent compensations for his lack of knowledge, intelligence and virtue; his failed comparisons with his father; his feelings of inadequacy and cowardice due to his avoidance of the draft; his awareness of his emptiness; his advocacy of violence and his bluff and bluster; his “pathological inattention;” his inability to construct grammatical sentences and habitual repetition of untrue superlatives.

The president has frequently displayed poor judgment; a fondness for gangsters, crooks and dictators; and seems to suffer from more technical and dangerous conditions: brain defects; mental deficiencies; undeveloped consciousness; and arrested emotional development.

Raphael O’Suna