UH-MC staff threatened by examination of 9/11?

How sad, political correctness has a grasp on University of Hawaii Maui College. After University of Alaska Fairbanks professor Leroy Hulsey’s class released its findings on the World Trade Center No. 7 “collapse,” I requested to teach/lecture/review the findings here on Maui. While interest was great at first, suddenly the we-can’t-have-that-here email arrived.

I can only surmise people in the UH-Maui administration must have a certain kind of people of a certain faith threatened by any real examination of the crime 9/11. And that is the issue — 9/11 was declared an act of war and not investigated as a crime on purpose.

Our FBI and police agencies are an across-the-board failure as a result of this crime gone uninvestigated, unprosecuted. This obviously renders anyone who went to Iraq or Afghanistan as a fool and a war criminal. How uncomfortable is that? Enough obviously to cause numerous suicides.

Donald “Federal Reserve” Brown



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