AR-15-style weapons are just unnecessary

I agree that the Second Amendment allows people the right to own guns. Period. However, I don’t see how this should include AR-15-style weapons.

AR-15-style weapons are extremely dangerous, being able to shoot a substantial amount of shots. But in states like Florida, an AR-15 is too easy to obtain, even easier than a handgun.

We’ve seen through countless shootings what a dangerous gun can do in the wrong hands. I understand that people kill people, and that those with mental issues shouldn’t own guns. But where’s the legislation that’s been passed to combat mental health?

I also understand that gun owners want guns to protect themselves. However, a study by the Violence Policy Center found that guns were and are rarely used in self-defense.

I understand that people want AR-15-style weapons to have weapons that rival the government should they become tyrannical. But the thing is, the government’s arsenal is so much stronger, an AR-15 wouldn’t stand a chance.

Quinton Wong



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