Paying Dave Taylor to do his job isn’t paying off

While I agree paying Dave Taylor to stay home is a waste of taxpayers’ money, paying him to be on the job isn’t paying off either. The County Council and various letters have been in support of Mr. Taylor, but I have not read of any accomplishments to support their views.

What I do know is that I have been waiting two years to obtain preliminary subdivision approval from the DWS. The problem is not lack of water, but lack of infrastructure to provide the water. In this case, fire protection. Is this not the purpose of the DWS?

Please remind me why I pay taxes. I’m not opposed to paying our fair share, but to pay for the infrastructure that the DWS has been negligent in providing for 30-plus years is unfair. The associated costs will more than double the cost of improvements.

I’m not saying we are singled out. There are more than a few recent low-income, affordable housing subdivisions that have been canceled because of lack of infrastructure. There will never be affordable housing on Maui as long as the DWS continues to demand developers pay for what is inherently their responsibility.

John Heid



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