Affordable housing needed, not visitor spending

As the County Council holds meetings in every corner of the county to consider the mayor’s proposed 2019 budget, please demand elimination of $4.2 million for the Maui Visitors Bureau. The last thing we need is more tourists.

And tell the council we don’t need an $85 million, glorified parking garage in downtown Wailuku when there hasn’t even been a comprehensive space and facilities plan undertaken to justify this huge expenditure.

What Maui County really needs, in capital letters, is affordable housing. Put the $4.2 million to be spent on drawing more tourists, who fill our roads and homes, plus the $85 million for a parking garage into a fund to be used, in collaboration with responsible developers, to create affordable homes for residents and families. For heaven’s sake, allocate the money where it is needed.

Finally, how about some responsible goals for the mayor? The goals he sets out for himself at Page 375 of the budget are laughable.

Mark Hyde