Hawaii already has very strict gun laws

I’m fed up with people who are totally uneducated about the gun laws already in effect in Hawaii. Again, I will tell you people that the National Rifle Association’s responsibility is to educate and train our citizens in the responsibility and safety of owning a firearm.

On March 28, again, an uneducated letter writer stated that we as gun owners need to have liability insurance. Hundreds, including myself, do have liability insurance, offered by the NRA at a very affordable price.

All firearms purchasers have to go to the Police Department and fill out a questionnaire about his or her mental and physical abilities to have a firearm, are fingerprinted and have a 14-day background check to clear before they can purchase or own a firearm.

Hawaii, being a very Democratic state, is very strict on only allowing guns in the hands of only well-qualified owners, making social responsibility the number one concern.

Steve Kear