Southwest Airlines flights urged for Neighbor Islands

The Maui News reported on March 19 that the state Department of Transportation granted Southwest Airlines a permit to operate at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. Service is expected to commence early next year.

This letter is a simple but urgent plea to all readers who want competitive, lower, interland air fares: Please write or email Jim Ruppel, vice president Customer Relations, 2702 Love Field Drive, Dallas, TX 75235 or Jim.Ruppel@wnco.com and ask him to have Southwest Airlines seriously consider providing connecting services to the major Neighbor Islands.

With the exorbitant, sky-high prices that Hawaiian Airlines has been charging its passengers, now would be an excellent time for another airline — with a kamaaina heart and spirit — to charge fares that are reasonable and fair to the kamaainas.

Since low-cost ferry travel between the major islands is not an option for local families, having another major airline provide competitive lower prices than Hawaiian Airlines is the only answer. Please do your part by contacting Southwest Airlines today.

William “Bill” Kinaka