Vote intelligently or face same old problems

Well, here we are again entering a voting cycle. Most, and I mean most, just roll their eyes. Some say here we go again with sign-waving, but most just don’t care because it’s the sense of helplessness with the same old candidates winning over and over again.

This is why the turnout is so low for Maui County. It’s amazing how many of our residents don’t have any knowledge of what the candidates stand for or their ideas of how to fix our problems. So, most just vote for the name they recognize just to put a check in the box and claim they voted.

Name recognition plays a huge role in the way people vote, rather than do some research and talk to the candidates about their ideas and make your judgment based upon their ideas.

Folks, we have a major shortage of housing for our local people, traffic that is out of control with nobody addressing it and infrastructure in despair, homelessness and nobody with a plan to fix it, same old blah blah blah. We need a major change in the way Maui County is run or we just stay the same with the same old problems.

Steve Kear