Mayoral candidate creates sense of hope

The increasing frustration and panic expressed by so many people in the greater community about the housing crisis, the increase in unaffordable rents, is making daily life on Maui for the local folks very stressful.

The 45-days notice to vacate has to change; folks need 60 days at least.

Speaking with Elle Cochran and her hope to become mayor and work with the hopeful new council members leaves me with a sense of hope too!

It’s time for a sweeping change and I know the voters on Maui are sensing change in the air as well.

My son and his family (two grandchildren) had to move to Oregon where they could afford to buy their first home. So sad for ohana to be so far away. No fun, I gotta leave my job with no pay when I go visit!

The time has come for sustainable, regenerative, progressive local leadership.

Tara Grace