The Pono Network is the ‘NoNo Network’

Who killed the Superferry? Who sued HC&S forcing them to close down two or three years before they were planning to do so? Who keeps telling farmers what they can and can’t do? Who keeps telling us the plantation days and ways are no good and treating local people like we don’t know any better?

They tell us the plantation was no good because plantation workers were slaves. Hello! Local families came from Third World countries, this life was still better than what they had back home. Not everyone had the First World privileges from the Mainland.

The plantation gave our families homes, which is more than the anti crowd has ever done. You know the type, anti this, anti that. “I just moved here last year so let me tell you what to do.”

The Pono Network has a list of candidates they want you to vote for. I call them the NoNo Network.

As in NoNO, I not going vote for you.

OK, maybe only Tamara Paltin. Otherwise, just say NoNo to Pono.

Joe Pacheco