Candidate plans to run county efficiently

Having no political experience, my friend Honest Ori Kopelman is running for mayor. He was a successful Silicon Valley executive.

He wants to create Mauitopia (see mauitopia.org). He believes in being your word or renegotiating your word to a new, mutually satisfactory agreement. Despite all the competing demands on our time these days, you can count on Ori’s integrity.

I realize things come up for all of us at the last minute. To be known as a person who is their word, think carefully before you make a commitment. We can all operate at a higher level of consciousness.

Having recently visited Maui for the first time and seeing how great it is, I think we should give Ori, who graduated in the top 10 percent of his engineering class at Stanford University, a chance to make it even better. He plans to run the county government more efficiently and to create Mauitopia.

Shannon Springs

Hayward, Calif.


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