Candidate will address issues hurting our people

I humbly ask your support for Tiare Lawrence for state House District 12 in the Aug. 11 primary election.

As a steward of this aina, her dedication and passion are always for the community and people of Maui. She is rooted to do what is necessary to tend to the issues that are hurting our people. We are dealing with changing times, and she has been at the forefront regarding affordable housing, water rights, taking care of our streams, protecting our agricultural lands, the list goes on.

As a single parent, she is constantly aware of the education of our keiki and continues to look for resources to carry on the culture and legacy of our people.

E koho paloka oukou! (vote). Go to the poles on Aug. 11 and allow our makuahine to serve you in the state House and be a voice for you, the people of Maui.

I’m Hawaiian and I vote.

Francine “Mopsy” Aarona



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