Curious lists of candidates’ campaign contributions

The Maui News on July 14 had very interesting lists of mayoral candidates’ campaign contributions.

Mike Victorino received lots of money from construction unions, Honolulu, contractors, developers Goodfellow Bros., Everett Dowling, A&B, Stanford Carr, and engineers R.M. Towill & SSFM International.

Don Guzman accepted money from Realtors, developers Goodfellow Bros., Vince Bagoyo, Jack Kean and Unemori Engineering.

The one alarming contribution is Guzman accepted $3,000 from Michael Baskin, who paid large county fines for several illegal construction projects in Paia. No political candidate should accept campaign money from Baskin.

When do we see who contributed to County Council’s most pro-development candidates Yuki Lei Sugimura, Alice Lee, Alan Arakawa, Mike Molina and Stacy Crivello?

Mike Foley