Donald Trump is totally unfit to be president

Only America’s Civil War was a darker time in our history. Donald Trump met with war criminal Vladimir Putin, a murderous tyrant who has the blood of thousands on his hands, including victims of a commercial airliner shot down, and civilians in Syria, bombed with conventional and chemical weapons that have killed thousands, injured and displaced more.

Despicably, Trump smiled, glad-handed, back-patted and kowtowed to this archfiend, and accepted his lies over the word of America’s intelligence agencies. Then Trump invited Putin, a butcher of humanity, to Washington, D.C. God help us.

The damage from Trump’s trade wars and attacks on our trading partners will take years to repair. He’s decimated the EPA, to the thrill of big polluters. Trump denies the irrefutable fact of global warming. He has opened pristine federal lands to exploitation and degradation, and rolled back protections of endangered species.

Trump is a congenital liar, a sex assaulter, a misogynist, a bully, a racist with white supremacist views. With malice and hostility he insults, denigrates and lies about anyone who says he is a fraud or liar, or anyone who disagrees with him. He calls our free press “an enemy of the people.” He knows nothing of constitutional law, economics, American and world history, has no sense of diplomacy, knows nothing of trade and international relations, and has zero interest in learning.

He is no great dealmaker; Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin played him like a puppet. He is totally unfit to be president.

Jerome Kellner



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