‘Ohana candidates care about environment, people

The Aug. 11 primary includes candidates who care about the environment and local Maui people. They are SAFE’s Ohana Candidates, usually endorsed by Sierra Club, the Maui Pono Network and the teacher’s union. Opposing them are multiple candidates who tend to bend the truth.

For example, county records show Mike Victorino consistently voted for less workforce housing, which cost the community over 550 relatively affordable homes from Makena development alone. Yet he touts he added eight units as if he supports local family housing.

To benefit the Makena Resort developer, Victorino called to bring a major change in Makena zoning for immediate vote. He bypassed analysis of environmental, traffic, water supply, sewer and trash impacts and mitigation as I believe is required by law. Now the taxpaying working people of Maui stand to pay for those impacts and live without enough water.

Victorino killed a proposed condition that the Makena developers hire local union labor. Yet he courts Maui’s union votes.

He opposed the GMO moratorium to stop production unless safety of Monsanto’s open-air spraying of experimental toxic pesticide combinations is proven. Victorino was outspoken against it.

Victorino tried to kill efforts to ban Styrofoam by introducing it then burying it in his task force of lobbyists for the industry. The ban was rescued by Elle Cochran, yet he takes credit.

On Aug. 11 please choose Elle and all four council choices, Paltin, Furtado, Kama and Rawlins-Fernandez.

Chandrika McLaughlin