The ‘Ohana Coalition making false claims

The ‘Ohana Coalition must think we’re either naive or stupid. I can assure you we’re neither. They want us to believe that only their candidates support issues like protecting the environment and developing local agriculture. This is simply not true.

Many of our elected officials like Yuki Lei Sugimura and Kyle Yamashita have supported these issues from the time they entered office. In addition, they’ve done a great deal to help their constituents. A recent example is Rep. Yamashita playing a critical role in helping to obtain the legislative funds to build the newly completed $40 million King Kekaulike High School Performing Arts Center. This is happening while one of the ‘Ohana candidates, Kelly King, contrary to her claim of being an advocate of the people, is doing all she can to protect and promote her biodiesel business at the expense of Maui’s taxpayers.

Like another writer stated, now that I’ve received the ‘Ohana brochure, I know who won’t be receiving my vote.

Gene Awakuni



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