Tiare Lawrence a grass-roots leader for the people of Maui

I support Tiare Lawrence for Upcountry state representative. Tiare has been a grass-roots leader for the people of Maui and for the state of Hawaii for years. She’s been at the forefront of many hard issues that are facing the people of Hawaii, the people of Maui County. From issues that we face in the ocean, issues that we face regarding our environment, shoreline access, shoreline erosion, Monsanto, she’s been there.

I’m really grateful that she’s been able to tell the truth about what’s really happening so that we can be better decision makers in who we support. Tiare’s work has really allowed me and my family to open up our eyes and be more vigilant about the things that concern the people and the place that we love, that we call home, Maui.

For too long, our destiny has been misled by some of our politicians. We have to create change. And the only way we can do that is with people like Tiare who are willing to fight. I believe in her because I have seen her in action. I am so proud of her and where she is today. We need to support her, and vote for her come election time. Mahalo for your support.

Archie Kalepa