Why are so many council members not at meetings?

When this letter is published, the first Kihei Community Association candidate forum will be pau, but we plan two more after the Aug. 11 primary, where we will likely select four county contests to feature.

While there are many factors to consider on candidates, one question we have to ask current County Council members seeking re-election is: Why were so many absent so frequently from so many committee meetings? Attendance in and voting at meetings is a major facet of the job. Meetings canceled due to lack of quorum are an insult to the community, unless there are legitimate reasons, such as health.

Do we need rules or requirements for attendance at committee meetings? Not if we elect nine responsible members, so research and vote in all nine races, as each one is someone you delegate to speak for your best interests, regardless of where they live.

Whatever your position on any need to make legal changes to term limitations for council members, this election is a time when you have some voice, at least with incumbent members. What have they done while serving as your advocate? Satisfied? Two more years. Unsatisfactory? Terminate their service.

KCA does not endorse candidates, but we do stimulate and advocate participation and education about candidates. You can make a difference. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.” — Margaret Meade. We are just looking at Maui.

Mike Moran, president

Kihei Community Association


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