Bilingual, musical education also important in classrooms

The Spanish language, according to my observation, is the second most spoken in the United States of America. Very soon, there will be more Americans speaking Spanish than any other language, including English. While English will always be one of the leading languages, it will not always be the first spoken. We already see proof of this.

Signs are posted in Spanish. Instructions for opening and assembling products are given also in Spanish. Mexican restaurants are located throughout every city and in numerous other places. Students register for classes with Hispanic names, and they are primarily bilingual. Spanish-speaking immigrants cross the border in great numbers daily to settle here. The necessity of being bilingual is emphasized in most applications for employment.

When the majority of the school population is Hispanic, the need for teachers and administrators who speak Spanish becomes apparent. Generally, born-free Americans don’t care to be bilingual. Now is the time to think things through correctly. We must motivate our children not only to be bilingual but also to learn a music instrument. That is truly the “home of the brave.”

We sometimes put exaggerated emphasis on reading, writing and arithmetic. It is time to give equal importance to the art of learning another language and being musically talented. These two arts will facilitate the books read, compositions written and bank accounts regulated.

Frank Gomes



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