Chicago chaplain says he was falsely accused

I was the subject of a July 29 letter to the editor in which I, “a prison volunteer-minister from Chicago,” was falsely accused by the former Maui Community Correctional Center facility chaplain of causing her three years of physical and/or emotional pain.

In the letter, she states that she has undergone “trauma and near death” resulting from an alleged incident alleged to have taken place in July 2015. I am a career chaplain serving at the large Cook County Jail in Chicago since 1980. I am a man with an impeccable reputation who has always conducted himself with integrity and professionalism, including the four years I served as a chaplain on Maui, and the staff at MCCC who know me will attest to that.

She had invited me to move from Chicago to Maui to replace her at the MCCC, and I moved there with my family for that purpose. After she had made this same July 2015 accusation in writing, it was investigated and eyewitnesses were interviewed. As a result, it was determined that her accusation was false and that the alleged incident never took place. I was then made the sole facility chaplain. She was removed as facility chaplain and eventually she was permanently barred from the facility by the administration. 

She apparently has not recovered from the three years of pain that she has brought upon herself. I am now demanding that she permanently cease and desist her defamation.

Chaplain Rob Brown