Did Cochran read language of legislation she voted for?

On July 28, Elle Cochran posted on her Facebook page her “official” excuses for bungling subdivision improvement exemptions and the assessment and collection of developer deferral agreements.

Elle states in her post that while her committee was “assured” in 2012 that the Department of Public Works was looking into the ability to seek compensation from certain developer agreement, she was asked by certain community members in 2018 to “follow up on the department’s progress.” That’s six years later. It took her six years to follow up on her own work product?

All that time the county was never being compensated and the taxpayers were footing the bill for roadway frontage improvements? Now, she admits she bungled a two-lot water bill in 2016 which gave the same freebee exemption on two-lot subdivisions throughout Maui County for real estate developers who can afford to pay their bills.

She says the council never intended to do that. But, she’s the head of the Infrastructure Committee. Did she read the language of the legislation she voted for? Where is the accountability?

Christopher P. Fishkin