Don Couch is uniquely qualified for important job

Don Couch is the best choice for state House, District 11, South Maui. He not only knows the lawmaking side of government inside and out, but also has years of valuable administrative experience.

He is not a “career politician” as some are attempting to paint him. He is a public servant in the most literal sense and he has served the Maui public very well, not only as an elected official but also as a community volunteer. Don is uniquely qualified and experienced for this important job.

I’ve had the privilege of working at the state House as a legislative analyst and believe me, having the responsibility of a lawmaker is not like running a small mom-and-pop business. It requires understanding massive budgets, regulations and administrative issues, just to name a few of the challenges. It also takes the skill to work with people who hold vastly different viewpoints and have different needs — it requires the ability to find common ground and compromises when appropriate.

I’m so proud of my husband, Don, a man who works as tirelessly for our community now as he did when he was a Maui County Council member. He has the knowledge and the track record to serve South Maui, indeed all of Maui, with integrity and hard work.

Let’s be smart this election. Instead of voting from emotion this time, let’s vote for the candidate who is the most qualified for the office. Let’s vote for Don Couch for state House, District 11.

Leslie Couch