Don Couch rolls up sleeves and jumps in

I respect a politician who rolls up his/her sleeves and jumps in to help when and where help is needed. Don Couch, who is running for South Maui’s seat in the state House, is that kind of person.

Whether it’s volunteering almost every month at the hugely popular Kihei Fourth Friday (which he co-founded), helping to launch the Kalama Park Action Team whose patrols keep the park safe for residents and visitors, or sweating under the hot sun alongside other Hoaloha Aina/South Maui Volunteers hauling out armloads of invasive plants in an ongoing effort to protect and shore up our beautiful South Maui sand dunes, Don is eager to pitch in and get the job done.

I’m a paddleboarder whose greatest joy is spending time on the ocean and I trust that Don is at the forefront in protecting it, our beaches and dunes. I’m convinced Don is the best choice when it comes to advocating for South Maui at the state level. He has my vote in the Saturday, Aug. 11, primary election.

Mary Langlois