Donald Trump like a fictional character who obtains power

Donald Trump reminds me of a fictional character who is unexpectedly given immense power. As can be guessed, this man is giddy with his puissance. He sets about to think what would be the best way to demonstrate to the most people his overwhelming command of power and natural forces.

After some thought, he decides to stop the rotation of the Earth. Just for a moment or so, to show everyone what he is capable of. To magnify the shock and surprise, he decides not to tell anyone in advance. And so, the day arrives and he stops the rotation of the planet.

Because the man was never much of a thinker, he failed to realize either of these truths: Knowledge is true power, but by itself, power can reside in the clumsiest, slowest-moving, dumbest of creatures. So, this is what occurred after our nudnik magician gave his command: The Earth did, indeed, cease its rotation. But everything on the surface of the Earth continued to move to its destruction.

Raphael O’Suna



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