Expand water opportunities

Make policy getting more water capacities. Reduce managing water usage and limiting metering for water conserving.

Instead, go get water resources, incorporate private well capacities into public system and assess usage. Increase water rates for all users. Concomitantly, increase resourceful investing opportunities, reusing water and cutting facilities operating-delivering expenses, plus using renewable power generating systems (in-line hydro, wind, PV) and high-efficiency pumps, sensors and controls.

Quantify accurately stream flows, aquifer and reservoir capacities and reliable systems supporting farming and supporting native anadromous species (opai, hihiwai, oopu).

Nitrogen-enriched stream waters mix and support shoreline ecosystems. Some eels are catadromous, “migrating down river to spawn.” Great opportunities for economic and eco-life qualities gotten from healthy watersheds, streams and balanced human behaviors/practices!

Imagine residents taking pride and visitors marveling at balanced ecosystems, quality waters from watersheds and aquifers supporting Maui’s people and species! Maui’s world-class aquarium showcasing anadromous and catadromous species and life cycles.

Department, perform organization functional and operational analyses, examining data, reports and work processes; cut unnecessary reporting. Assess and simplify position skill (levels of knowledge, experiences and job-performance metrics) and work and skills requiring professional certificates, renewals and annual pay. Continual overtime should not be expected; increasing worker pay with overtime is no substitute for merit pay for sustained quality work results. Offer scholarships, contracting students to serve/perform as engineers and hydrologists for five to seven years.

Educate and be transparent to public on accomplished metrics and successes.

Warren Shibuya