Facing negativity with loving partner, good food, cannabis

Health challenges, specifically HIV/ AIDS, affect us all as everyday people as well as our family and societal relations, creating a divide that can become permanent. I am sharing my personal experience with this disease and my family in the hope that I can help others facing similar life-threatening diseases.

I was diagnosed and tested to reveal HIV/AIDS. At first I didn’t feel any health effects. I was than elected as a state representative and fell ill with seizures from toxoplasmosis, necessitating several hospital stays. My family, while initially supportive, became hostile and rejected me and my husband.

The newspaper listed me as the “only other gay” in the Legislature and that I had “full-blown” AIDS. So began a downward spiral of my self-esteem and my marriage.

I addressed these hurdles through the loving caregiving of my spouse, a strong spiritual belief in the power of prayer and love, fresh vegan food as medicine and cannabis. I coped this way through two terms before being unelected due to an unrelated smear campaign by my opponent.

We dealt with this and my family by moving to another island to create our own healing space based on food for medicine and cannabis.

Facing such negative criteria can be successful with a loving partner, healthy food, cannabis and a positive attitude. My best wishes to all who are in need of support as we all still have a lot of work to do. Yes we cannabis!

Joseph Morairty