Following the Donald with fascination and horror

I don’t know why people like me write letters like this in our deep blue state, but . . .

I have followed Despicable Donald, our national embarrassment, with fascination and horror since his descent on the golden escalator and have never understood how anyone could countenance this man, let alone support or vote for him. My primary objection has always been to his deeply disordered character, which has determined his objectionable behavior as well as his disastrous policies.

Now that he has completely trashed our standing in the world, he is setting out to destroy the country with the help of his merry band of ethically challenged Cabinet members and a spineless Congress afraid of being tweeted or primaried.

But Paul Manafort has been convicted. Michael Cohen has pled, and the Trump Organization CFO has been granted immunity. I’m waiting for Robert Mueller to discover that Donny has been laundering money for the Russians for decades and Don Jr. to be indicted for lying. Plus, maybe we’ll get to see the tax returns.

Stay tuned.

Jon Betwee