Freedom of the press is not absolute

Freedom of the press does not mean the freedom to lie or the freedom to tell half-truths. All news outlets have a duty to inform no matter who is in office and leave their personal feelings at home.

Sorry you don’t like the current president, tough. I didn’t like President Obama, but he was my president and I didn’t want him to fail. However, liberals in Maui along with the ones on the Mainland continue to howl at the moon over a Trump presidency, and are so blinded with hate that they haven’t figured out unemployment is low, the economy is booming and their 401ks are exploding.

If the media would tell the truth then the president wouldn’t have a reason to use Twitter and circumvent the media, which has now announced to the public to denounce the president. No duh, I figured that out on Inauguration Day, thanks for proving me right. FDR used radio, Eisenhower and Kennedy TV, so surrender and accept the new medium of communication as permanent.

I’ll leave you with food for thought. If Trump is a Russian stooge, then with a strong economy, rebuilding our military, embracing Jerusalem, low unemployment, and tax cuts he’s sure doing their bidding (sarcasm). Put the hate down, do some yoga, and then read something else besides The New York Times.

Stephen Phillips