Issue-based candidates succeed in primary elections

Candidates with honest, positive, issue-based campaigns found success this primary.  

Tina Wildberger earned a mandate 55 percent win with a campaign based on clear, well-researched ideas and the integrity to discuss them without backing down. She will serve South Maui at the state Legislature beginning in January but is already working to be the best-prepared freshman representative ever.

Tasha Kama won the most votes for Maui County Council Kahului seat over a well-known opponent who was promising to protect us from imaginary, “inexperienced, newcomer, wannabes.” Tasha is none of that. She is real, experienced and focused on solutions. A quick visit to will confirm that.

Tamara Paltin too is qualified and experienced and has too many good ideas to bother with anything negative. The voters overwhelmingly support her.

Elle Cochran will go on to the general election for mayor. Some candidates seemed to be running more against Elle than for themselves, with attack ads and trolling. Elle Cochran maintained polite control over herself and her supporters, as a real leader does, and kept the conversation on issues, showing poise without being a pushover. Elle Cochran will lead the transition from old school cronyism to professional management as mayor.

Informed voters choose candidates with the best ideas not the most recognizable name. If November voters get informed, then these candidates will get into office and Maui will be the winner!

Mike Wildberger