Protect our freedom of speech

I commend The Maui News for being one of over 300-plus editorial boards that joined forces to condemn President Trump’s attack on the media of this nation (Today’s Editorial, Aug. 16).

The Maui News is a community paper that strives to present a balanced forum for a broad spectrum of views and opinions. Witness the letters printed on the Opinion page.

When the president berates the media as “fake” and “enemies of the people,” he demonstrates an animus and ignorance of the role and value that print, audio and video/film media represent. His views are not the only views. His opinions are not the only opinions, and to discredit, with a wide brush, all media is to diminish the thoughts and voices of our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens of this nation.

The list of ill-informed, ignorant and dangerous actions of this president grows daily. We must dedicate ourselves to preserve and protect our freedom of speech and support our local and national media so that our collective voices will continue to be heard.

Doug Holt