Some candidates have ideas that warrant attention

“Your rulers are rebels, companions of thieves; they all love bribes and demand payoffs.” Written by Isaiah thousands of years ago, this sentiment was expressed by primary race contenders.

Though tempers flared, candidates presented themselves well at the West Maui Taxpayers Association forum (The Maui News, July 27). Besides some tense moments, there was comic relief and well-thought-out ideas.

Incumbents shared their successes and newcomers highlighted things they would do if elected to office. All recognized the problems of affordable housing, traffic and coastal erosion but solutions were varied.

More tax revenues allocated to Maui was unanimously supported. Maintaining this high-income-producing desirable destination should be a priority.

However, Maui’s future is at stake. Urban, agricultural and environmental development is decided primarily by elected officials and their endorsers. Former and current politicians running for offices will continue with their agendas.

Some of the candidates have ideas that warrant attention. One, alleviate the housing shortage instantly by disallowing short-term vacation rentals.

Two, mitigate traffic immediately. Reduce the number of rental cars allowed on the island. Implement shuttle services and a more efficient bus system with extended hours of operation.

Thirdly, Hawaii’s “fraudulent annexation” must be addressed. Resolve past sins to establish a solid foundation to build upon.

Most importantly, follow Queen Ke’opuolani’s mandate: “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness of Christ Jesus.” He will deal with wrongdoing and restore righteous leadership. “Then you will be called the City (county/state/nation) of Righteousness” (Isaiah).

Michele Lincoln