Story of Schwabs’ love for each other is legend

The news of Suzie Schwab’s death, while not unexpected, was heartbreaking (The Maui News, July 29). The story of their love for each other (Sylvan and Suzie Schwab) is legend. I worked at the zoo (East Maui Animal Refuge) for 10 years. They changed my life as well as countless others.

Sylvan Schwab was the kind of man you never forgot. He was unselfish, wise and wonderful beyond description. And, he was completely devoted to Suzie. As I said, he changed my life and made me a much better man.

I pray the community supports the zoo and what Sylvan is striving to do in honor of Suzie. I was lucky to witness his caring for her and their animals. I learned a tremendous amount about giving during that time. I knew their relationship was very special when Sylvan said to me one day that he could do anything he wanted “as long as Suzie said it was OK.” It worked for him and was a model for me to follow. God bless them both.

Steve Harrison