The Maui News is part of an essential free press

The Maui News is a member of an essential corps of free press, bringing Maui’s people local news and stories from across the state of Hawaii and from overseas.

Its staffers strive seven days a week (and I hope they can continue to do so) to publish factual and informative, and often entertaining and inspiring, articles and photography, much of which has garnered awards.

We are fortunate in Maui County to enjoy this service. Trump’s appalling, ongoing attack on the American press, stooping at the lowest point so far of calling it “the enemy of the people,” is a clear step toward the authoritarianism of a dictatorship and puts the lives of journalists, as well as their well-earned credibility, at great risk.

I have enjoyed a print subscription to the Maui News since 1971 and plan to continue to so support our local daily. I encourage others to do the same.

Mele Stokesberry